Paar Gerli Chairs


Italy, 1958. Eugenio Gerli model 126 bentwood lounge chairs for Società Compensati Curvi. These beautiful bentwood chairs were designed in 1958 by the Italian architect Eugenio Gerli for Società Compensatie Curvi. This company, which was located in Monza at the time, specialized in manufacturing highly stylized chairs made of bentwood with a modulair choice offered to the customer. For exmaple, there was a catalog showing that at that time you could choose from different types of bases and bodies. These specific lounge chairs are made up of seven layers of glued and bent teak veneer. A special example of craftsmanship and artistry in which technique and aesthetics effortlessly come together. The body is attached to a beautiful slender black painted metal base by means of four bolts. The considerable contrast between the base and the seating area seems to make the chair float. The opening at the back of the seat allows for an angelic light to shine on the floor. The split where the two wooden parts are eventually united is attached to at the bottom with four bolts. So this is not only an eye-catching chair to look at, but it is also very sturdy to use. These are two beautiful specimens that have been little affected over the years when we talk about their condition. A small chip is visible at the opening of one of the chairs and there are diffuse scratches on the frames. You can also see the metal through the paint in small places, but this really does not detract from the dazzling class and appearance of these Italian eye-catchers.

92 cm breed x 74 cm diep x 80 cm hoog en een zithoogte van 40 cm. 

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